What is Entelligently

Improving comfort and wellbeing.

Entelligently is the platform that connects people to a building. Your usual ‘smart building’ takes no notice of the occupant while making so-called smart choices. Where is the feedback? Entelligently puts the occupant front and centre and asks you directly. Are you comfortable?

Building Management systems are often set once and the contractor then walks away. No account is taken of the people using the building or what they are doing there. What is the weather doing at the time? As all these elements impact what we wear, how we behave and whether we are in a building in a comfortable state.

By delivering better comfort, Entelligently has the added bonus of increasing wellbeing as well as reducing energy use.

What Problem does Entelligently solve?

Entelligently solves three problems that smart buildings currently have. First, they forget about the person residing and working within. Secondly, the sensor data often has no context from a human perspective. Finally, the facilities team can’t feed important information immediately back to the occupant. Currently, they do this through tannoy notifications and messages displayed in reception. Not very real-time, responsive, targeted or personalised.

Entelligently, however, provides a personalised prediction of pending comfort. It advises what you, the occupant, can do to maintain a comfy, productive and energy efficient workplace. Privacy is maintained and compliance with GDPR through a clear consent notice presented to the user. This consent notice is provided by Consentua.

How does Entelligently work?

The starting point is the easy capture of your comfort. Within 3-clicks the user comfort is captured, the reason why (too hot) and what you did about it (opened a window). This regular recording of comfort is what builds the system intelligence. It can then start predicting what is the most comfortable range for you.

Once you capture the comfort range for each occupant, Entelligently compares against inbound weather. It then predicts the likelihood of the comfort range being breached. When this happens, Entelligently sends a smart nudge or ‘Snudge’ to the building occupant.

This Snudge is a suggested action to prevent discomfort. Open a window or put on a layer of clothing for example.

A particular room or zone can be assigned its own Entelligently identity. It identifies the most comfortable setting for that zone based on user feedback.

Entelligently is a cloud-hosted web app with a mix of AI services. These include a chatbot to capture your comfort level and data analysis to predict your comfort.

The predictions work best when you match user data with internal Building Management System (BMS) as well as external sensors. Sensor data on temperature, humidity, light levels, occupancy and CO2 are all very useful data points.

The BMS is the source of the energy use data. It is also the control centre for changing the environmental settings in the building.

The data is presented through dashboards to the end user and to the building owners or managers. They show the comfort trend, a prediction of likely comfort outcomes and your current comfort score in real-time.

For more information, send me an email at chris.cooper@kn-i.com or call 02392 160640.


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