Our Mission

Entelligently® was created by KnowNow Information Ltd to transform building management through innovative technology, focusing on both energy efficiency and occupant comfort. Our platform bridges the gap between smart buildings and their occupants, ensuring real-time adaptability and personalized comfort.

Our Journey

Entelligently® originated from a partnership with PCSG and InnovateUK’s Energy Game Changer funding program. Initially deployed in 2017, it has since evolved to address the dynamic needs of modern workplaces. We have successfully implemented Entelligently® in notable buildings, including BDP’s Manchester office, the Bright Building in Manchester, and the PCSG headquarters in London.

What We Do

Entelligently® integrates data from Building Management Systems (BMS), weather conditions, and user feedback to create a responsive and adaptive environment. Our platform continuously learns and adjusts, optimizing energy use and enhancing occupant well-being. By providing real-time insights and smart nudges, Entelligently® ensures buildings operate efficiently while keeping occupants comfortable.

Why Choose Entelligently?

  • Adaptive Management: Real-time adjustments based on user feedback and environmental data.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Personalized comfort profiles and proactive suggestions for occupants.
  • Energy Efficiency: Significant energy savings through intelligent building management.
  • Proven Results: Demonstrated success in reducing energy costs and improving occupant comfort in various deployments.

Our Vision

We aim to lead the way in smart building management, helping cities, places, and buildings reduce their energy consumption while improving working conditions. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability drives us to continuously enhance Entelligently® for the benefit of our clients and the environment.

Contact Us

Discover how Entelligently® can transform your building management. Contact us at contact@kn-i.com or call us on 02392 160640 to learn more or arrange a trial.


entelligently® improves employee wellbeing & helps manage energy costs. The more you use entelligently® the more intelligent your building becomes.