Data Expertise

Information delivered in real time.

Data domain expertise

KnowNow Information understand data. We can help you to understand your data. Help you to deploy sensor systems to acquire new data. Help you to analyse your data and to make sense of it by using appropriate visualisations.

"KnowNow is one of just a few companies at the forefront of dealing with data in a manner that is suitable to the IoT" – Clive Longbottom, July 2015.

KnowNow specialise in Smart City data and consultancy. Whether you represent a city, manage a city's public or private services, or even consume services within a city then we can help you to improve your use of data and make your citizen services more efficient.

printed circuit board design

City System Design

It is increasingly important that city systems interoperate efficiently. We can help you to determine how best to achieve this using world class toolsets that create output to help you achieve your aims.

KnowNow Information provide System Architecture services for cities around the world.

KnowNow Sensor Pack

Sensor Deployment

Assets can collect valuable data. Sensors are getting smaller and smaller. We can help you to deploy a system that will collect this data, creating valuable information for you.

KnowNow Information are deploying sensors for Southampton University's Liveable Cities Project.

demo of Flood Event Model analytics system

Big Data Analytics

It’s not easy to extract useful information from vast and growing amounts of data. We can help you to analyse your data to generate new insights and fresh perspectives.

KnowNow Information won the 2014 Open Data Challenge. Visit the project page at the STFC website

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